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Lithuanian Mercy Lift 20 Years, Key Donors


All donations, large and small, provided vital support to fund LML’s work.  Without the generous donations, LML could not have provided over $126,690,425 worth of aid duringthe first 20 years following the Soviet Union‘s collapse. LML extends a special thank you to the following key benefactors. Please excuse any omission.

  • Abbott Laboratories

  • Americares

  • Christian Relief Services

  • Daughters of Lithuania

  • Dental Assistance Foundation to Lithuania (DAFL)

  • Environmental laboratories

  • Medicinal recycling programs in U.S.

  • Oak Tree Philanthropic Foundation

  • Ona-Kutkaite Durbin Fund

  • Optometrists Without Borders

  • Salvatorian Mission Warehouse

  • Šaulys Foundation

  • UIC Neonatal Exchange Program for Lithuania’s physicians and nurses




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